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Auto-Trimmer Saving Cost Of Employees And Thread

Easy operation, Novices can quickly reach proficiency. Save the cost of trimming worker, improve production efficiency 40%. Adjustable length of thread trimming, save the quantity of thread.

Auto Presser Foot Lift Save Labor

Automatic presser foot lift with electromagnet, improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Auto Wiper Better Stitch

Equipped with auto wiper for two needle three thread machines, Auto wiper instead of manual operation, makes stitch more beautiful and avoid dropping thread when start sewing again.

Out-Moved Thread Cam Easy Operation

Lightly take up the thread cam, and threading easily. It helps to solve the problem of thread breaking and twining.

Stitch Length Adjustment Easy And Fast

Press button and rotate hand wheel to adjust the stitch length, easy to operate and surely fast.

One Machine With Multi-Function

One machine with the function of basic sewing, cover sewing and fold sewing of bottom hemming.

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Part No JACKJK8569E01GB356UT
Weight (KG) 92.000000
Manufacturer Jack