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Jack H2-CZ

Basic Direct Drive Top Feed Lockstitch Machine

1-needle lockstitch machine designed for sewing thicker materials (e.g. leather, upholstery materials), equipped with an energy-saving motor built directly into the machine head (Direct Drive system). This solution guarantees quiet operation and low electricity consumption. The machine also has a needle positioning function. Double transport (lower teeth and upper – rolling foot) ensures perfect movement of the upper and lower layers of stapled materials. The machine has a clear operating panel built into the head and LED backlight at the needle bar.

For Heavy Materials

Top feed, 750W motor, extremely durable for heavy materials, sews 10 layers of medium-light leather with great results.

Sealed Presser Foot Bar

Solid grease lubrication that eliminates oil stain problems.

Direct Drive Coaxial Motor

Reduces energy loss, makes your machine fast, stable, durable and quiet.

Easy To Use Panel

Control of simple functions and button for factory reset

LED Light

Equipped with 3 levels of LED lighting, it offers clear visibility, allowing greater comfort in processing and avoiding eye strain

Cooling Fan

Handwheel with cooling system, to reduce the engine temperature. Electronic control that increases the strength and durability of the components.

Technical Specifications

Model Jack H2-CZ
Application Normal Material
Needle DPx17 20-23#
Threads 2
Presser Foot Lifting Height (mm)/th> 7.5-16
Max Sewing Speed (S.P.M) 2200
Volume (mm) 725x285x580
Weight (KG) 40.5/43
More Information
Weight (KG) 74.000000
Manufacturer Jack
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