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Jack JK-58720J-405E

Computerized Twin Needle Lockstitch Machine, with automated functions

Computerized lockstitch machine with 2 needles. Complete with Thread Trimmer, Bartack, Foot lifter and Wrapper. New design with voice guidance, large workspace, oil indicator.

Machine Type

58720 large hook fixed needles

Auto Cornering

After the manual release of the needle, the machine sews the number of stitches set on the display with only 1 needle and stops automatically to allow us to turn the work. It is now possible to resume sewing with the pedal, the machine will automatically lower the second needle after making the preset number of stitches with a single needle. (Optional)

Electro-Pneumatic Release

Through this new mechanism for disengaging the needles controlled by solenoid valves, the release of the needle is faster and safer even at high speeds, unlike the mechanical lever. (Optional)

Short Thread

The thread trimmer cut the thread within 3 mm, automatic stitch closure to prevent thread loosening, no need to cut the remaining thread, saving time and cost. (Optional)

Electronic Tension

The tension disc openers are regulated electronically and no longer mechanically by means of a steel cable, this allows you to adjust the times and any delays. (Optional)

Voice Guide

The machine will teach you the various functions itself, if there are errors it will notify you and by clicking the VOICE button it will suggest how to solve the problem, moreover with a single reset button you can return to the initial settings.

Integrated Footlifter

In addition to the thread trimmer, bartack and thread wiper devices, the automatic presser foot lifter is integrated into the body of the machine, making it safe, quiet and beautiful to look at.

Single Shaft Motor

The internal design of the shaft motor on a single axis, allows to reduce the torque, effectively reducing vibrations and making its stroke stable, fast and silent.

Big Space/h3>

264mmx120mm, increases the workspace, facilitating the rotation of garments for various types of fabrics.

Self-Cooling Handwheel

The shape of the internal handwheel allows the air to circulate efficiently, reducing the engine temperature and increasing the life of the electronic components.

Led Light/h3>

3 levels of LED light, offer a constant non-dazzling light that allows less strain on the eyes in sewing and threading operations.

Direct Drive Motor

750W eco motor, allows better needle penetration and guarantees a 71% energy saving compared to other Motors.

Industry 4.0 (Optional)/h3>

Thanks to the integrated WIFI module you can modify the parameters and control the productivity of the machine directly from the application. NB: a Jack gateway must be purchased for every 50 machines

Technical Specifications

Model Jack JK-58720J-405E
Application Heavy Weight
Function Straight Stitch
Needle DPx5 11-16# / 14-22#
Stitch Length (mm) 7
Needle Guage (mm) 6.4
Presser Foot Lifting Height 7-13
Max Sewing Speed (S.P.M) 3000
Large Hook Yes
Volume (mm) 725x320x675
Weight (KG) 43/53.5
More Information
Part NoJACKJK58720J405E
Weight (KG)91.000000
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