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Jack JK-8558G-1WZ

1-Needle, Flatbed Chainstitch

Double chainstitch sewing machine with bottom feed transport and built-in energy-saving motor with low vibration and noise level. Chainstitch machines are mainly used in sewing operations, where elastic stitch is required, reliable for clothing exposed to strech during use i.e. side leg stitches in trousers. They are especially recommended for long seams, because the use of chain loopers allows the stitch to be formed directly from thread cone, which eliminates the need to frequent change the bobbins. 2-needle machines are used for production of formal clothing i.e. reinforced seam in men’s trousers or in operations when linen seam is required, and for overlaping. LED lighting of sewing area provided in standard.

Semi Dry Head

The head is lubricated by grease, this completely avoids all oil related problems to have a clean seam. DLC needle bar (Carbon)

Energy Saving

71% energy savings thanks to the built-in servo eco motor, which ensures efficient and silent work.

New Design And Easy Installation

The new mechatronic design, the beautiful and modern line of the machine, the quick and easy installation, saves time and effort.

Easy To Use And Easy To Learn

The panel is simple and the monitoring and adjustment of various functional parameters are more intuitive and convenient, easy to learn and use.

Automatic Presser Foot Lifter

In addition to being functional, the device is integrated into the design of the machine.

Two Needle Positions

It is possible to set the high and low needle position from the digital display.

Technical Specifications

Model Jack JK-8558G-1WZ
Needle Array Single Needle
Needle Gauge -
Needle TVx7 14#
Number of Needles 1
Number of Threads 2
Needle Distance (mm) 1.4-4.0
Presser Foot Lifting Height (mm) 4.5 (Knee Contact 8-10)
Light-Weight Material Yes
Medium-Weight Material Yes
Heavy-Weight Material
Max Speed (s.p.m) 4000
Volume (mm) 675x275x595
Weight (kg) 39/47
More Information
Part No JACKJK8558G1WZ
Weight (KG) 74.000000
Manufacturer Jack
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