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Jack JK-9820-01

Eyelet Button Hole Machine

Thread Clamp Structure

Optimizes the locking of the thread and avoids problems at the start of the seam.

Noise Reduction

Special machining on gears and camshafts to reduce vibrations and noise (80dB reduction).

Accurate Stitching

The machine controlled by the servo-motor makes sewing precise even at high speed. The control system allows you to always maintain the initial position.

Stitch Jump Reduction

Once the hooks and other mechanical parts have been optimized, the machine can sew with lighter thread tension thus reducing stitch skipping and thread breakage.

LCD Display With Icons

The cutting length and the position of the blade can be precisely adjusted.

Air System

Improved air attacks to make connections faster and stronger

Big Operation Space

The 120mm machine body space is suitable for different types of fabric and garment types, especially suitable for sewing multiple holes and back pockets.

Technical Specifications

Model Jack JK-9820-01
Needle Thread Trimmer Long Thread Trim
Bobbin Thread Trim Long Thread Trim
Main Applications Men's Clothing
Casual Clothing
Other Application Suit-Dress
Function Trimming both needle and bobbin thread
Sewing Length Round Head Eyehole: 8 - 43mm
Straight Button Hole: 5 - 42mm
Press Foot Length (Standard) 30mm
Length of Hammer (Standard) 22mm
Length of Hammer (Accessory) 30mm
Max Speed (s.p.m) 1500 - 2500
Needle Code 0.5 - 2.0mm
Zig Zag Sewing Width In mechanical conditions, it is 4.0mm wide at the most and the zigzag sewibg width is 5.0mm at most
Zig Zag Sewing Width (Factory Setting) 2.5mm
Length of stream head 0 - 20mm
Height of Work Clamp Standard Height is 12mm (May reach 16mm at highest)
Start-off Mode Double Pedal Switch
Fabric Feeding Device Intermittent cloth-sending of 3 pulse motor (X, Y)
Machine Needle DOx558 Nm80 - Nm120
Safe Setting If there are any prblems, the inner settiong with urgent stop function and driven by safe circuit will automatically stop the machine
Upper Shaft Motor WAC Servo Motor 550W
Air Pressure Main Regulator: 0.5Mpa
Hammer-Pressure Regulator: 0.4Mpa
Air Consumption Volume 43.2 liter/minute (8 cycles/minute)
Weight Machine Head: ~120kg
Operation Board: ~0.6kg
Control Box: 14.2 - 16.2kg
Volume 123x83x144 mm
Power Supply Single Phase 100V/200V, Three phases 200V/220V/380V/400V, 400VA
More Information
Part No JACKJK982001
Weight (KG) 140.000000
Manufacturer Jack
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