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Jack MG-80AP-55STYX

Compact Pattern Field Machine - Sewing Area 800 x 550 mm

Pattern Field machine 80x550cm, new concept of Pattern Field machine with work space that can be reduced thanks to the folding table, you can save space from 1500mm to 1200mm. The loading of the templates is quick and easy thanks to the RFID reading of the sewing program. Quick and easy window to change the bobbin.


It can be used for light jobs such as down jackets, collars, pockets, zippers, shirts but also on Heavy Duty materials such as jackets, leather bags, automotive, home decoration.


80x55cm sewing area enclosed in only 151x150cm of machine which can be folded up to 120cm to facilitate transport and installation.


The new fusion recalls the aesthetics of the new Jack line.


The radio frequency reader reads disks where you can save the drawing of sewing endless times. When you approach the template, the machine will automatically change the drawing.

Touch Display

The quick buttons allow you to quickly activate the most used functions: emergency stop, cleaning with air, descent of the template clamp and start of the seam.

Electronic Tension Post

At the start it effectively reduces the bird nest (lower entanglement at the start of the seam). During the cut it keeps the thread taut improving the quality.

On-Board Programming

Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface it is possible create programs from the display or using software to pc and import them via USB or wifi with IOT.

Electronic Presser Foot

The smart foot stays down longer waiting for the needle to rise to prevent stitches jump and break. It is also possible to set different heights in different seam sections.

Screw Transmission

Improves transmission accuracy, reduces vibration and improves seam stability. The tracks with recirculating ball slide where the Y axis slides prevent dust and remnants of thread from settling, reducing fluidity.

Industry 4.0 IOT (+)

Edit parameters, view statistics, send sewing designs from App / WebApp directly to the machine in the cloud wherever you are. NB: Jack Gateway needed.

Technical Specifications

Model Jack MG-80AP-55STYX
Application Plate Sewing
Needle DPx5
Sewing area (mm) 800x550
Number of Needles 1
Number of Threads 2
Middle Presser Foot Height (mm) 15
Needle Gauge (mm) 1 - 5
Max Speed (s.p.m) 3200
Volume (mm) 16200x1350x1305
Weight (kg) 320/395
More Information
Weight (KG) 74.000000
Manufacturer Jack
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