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Jack A4F-DQ

Medium-Weight Computerized Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Electronic Control Stitch Length System

Digital lockstitch with digital presser foot, digital stitch adjustment, automatic thread trimmer, digital bartacking and short thread trimming. Oil pan detached.

Light sound, Precise stitch, Better to use

  • The height of the presser foot after trimming and during sewing is adjustable within the range of 0-13mm
  • The stepping motor controls the stitch length, accurate to 0.1mm
  • Lock thread front and back, high stitch repetition rate
  • Pattern sewing, stylish and beautiful

Accurate stitch length

The stitch length is controlled by a stepping motor, accurate to 0.1mm, and the stitch length adjustment function can be locked as needed to avoid random adjustment of the stitch length.

Lock thread front and back, high stitch repetition rate

A perfect reverse stitch can be realized at any stitch length, and the front and rear thread lock function can be set.

Pattern sewing, stylish and beautiful

You can choose different patterns and stitches according to the requirements of clothing craftsmanship, and you can edit the patterns you need to give you stylish and beautiful stitches.

Step control, lighter sound

Scientific design, through the stepping motor to control the reverse stitching and presser foot lifting, realize the reverse stitching and presser foot lifting silently, giving you a quiet and comfortable working environment

Short thread ends, no need to trim again

There is no need to trim the thread ends after sewing, one less thread trimming action, one less risk of cutting the fabric, saving time, labor and money.

Height adjustable, easy to operate

After trimming and midway, the height of the presser foot can be adjusted within the range of 0-13mm, which can meet the requirements of different fabrics, saving labor and convenience.

Technical Specifications

Model Jack A4F-DQ
Application Medium Weight
Needle DB×1 11-18#
Threads 2
Stitch Length 5mm
Height of Presser Foot 5-13mm
Max Speed 5,000 S.p.m
Volume 690x295x550 mm
Weight 38.6/44.6
More Information
Weight (KG) 74.000000
Manufacturer Jack
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